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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Three "progressive" oriented guitar soundscapes

Hi y'all. Here are three "new" prog-sound guitar instrumentals. I say "new" as in new in the past year or so. But I just rediscovered them and decided they okay, and renamed them, so that makes them new enough.

Reminiscent of Rush. Rush, remember them ? They were and still are awesome !
Not sure why I called it "Frozen Sun" - possibly because of the two straight months of heavy rain we've been experiencing here in the PNW.
Is it one song or two ? Could be both, either, or neither. Okay enought already. Phi and Psi, two greek letters used to stand for mathematical/physical constants of nature. Phi is roughly 1.61 and is the constant that represent the geometrical golden mean. Psi is a physical constant that represent the value of the quantum wave function that defines our reality , large and small. What this has to do with music ? Well actually a , whether dissonant or consonnant is a wave phenomenon. When consonant, it is aligned to the vibrations we perceive as pleasurable, which is where the "Golden mean" or ratio comes in. Oh well, not exactly the best explanation. Look these things up in Wikipedia !
Phi and Psi - the composition - has sort of a Hendrix/Jeff Beck feel to it. Listen and ,maybe you will like ?

Cheers !



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