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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Meta Thoughts on Post-rock-music

I saw Franz Ferdinand play on SNL last night - actually only heard their second song. I liked what I saw and heard. Geeky looking guys , sort of following a Rolling Stones or Yardbirds look from early '65 . I can, of course, definitely see/hear a Television influence, in so far as they have a twin guitar attack and play pretty clean in terms of tone. Lots of rhythmic feel though that would definitely derive more from Gang of Four. Overall, a positive impression.

Just finished reading "Shakey: the Neil Young biography" for the second time. Just as good the second time around. Got me to thinking a lot about the meta-issues of rock and roll. I guess we really are living in the post-rock world now. Is what a band like Franz Ferdinand plays considered 'rock and roll" ? One of the quotes in Shakey was from Meltzer who stated there has not been any true rock music produced since before 1998 ( just paraphrasing him) . I mean , there are bands playing music in the "style of" of rock and roll, yes, but *it no longer is dangerous* - it is no long something your parents will scream at you to turn down ... that generation is dead or dying. Classic rock even classic punk rock is ubiquitous - on our televisions and radios, it's impossible to escape from it. It's been emasculated by Madison Avenue. Whats an artist to do ? You can't go roots - its been done to death, you can go "arty" or avant-garde for the same reason. How can an artist be truly original in this age ? What is true and sincere in rock music today ? Just some rhetorical pondering. Got me to search out for my Nuggets CD.
- Russ Van Rooy
Ganesha Resonance


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello "Russel",
HOW ARE YOU?!?!?!?! I'M FINE, THANK YOU!!!!!! I LIKE CATS! Hehehehe...

I'm missing you, Nolan, and mom. Soo.... I shall see you today!


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