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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Three "progressive" oriented guitar soundscapes

Hi y'all. Here are three "new" prog-sound guitar instrumentals. I say "new" as in new in the past year or so. But I just rediscovered them and decided they okay, and renamed them, so that makes them new enough.

Reminiscent of Rush. Rush, remember them ? They were and still are awesome !
Not sure why I called it "Frozen Sun" - possibly because of the two straight months of heavy rain we've been experiencing here in the PNW.
Is it one song or two ? Could be both, either, or neither. Okay enought already. Phi and Psi, two greek letters used to stand for mathematical/physical constants of nature. Phi is roughly 1.61 and is the constant that represent the geometrical golden mean. Psi is a physical constant that represent the value of the quantum wave function that defines our reality , large and small. What this has to do with music ? Well actually a , whether dissonant or consonnant is a wave phenomenon. When consonant, it is aligned to the vibrations we perceive as pleasurable, which is where the "Golden mean" or ratio comes in. Oh well, not exactly the best explanation. Look these things up in Wikipedia !
Phi and Psi - the composition - has sort of a Hendrix/Jeff Beck feel to it. Listen and ,maybe you will like ?

Cheers !


Monday, January 09, 2006

Boing Boing: Tom Verlaine as guest DJ on WFMU

My first published Boing Boing post !

Boing Boing: Tom Verlaine as guest DJ on WFMU

The Thin Cord

New soundscape recorded last evening: The Thin Cord. You can download it at

Internet Archive: Details: The Thin Cord

This soundscape take much of it's inspiration from the Fripp/Eno collaboration in the 70s. It starts out kind of similar to some of my other soundscapes but this time I think I've nailed it so far as getting a thick ( as opposed to thin) rich sound. The Thin Cord refers to the thin cord of life that tenuously connects us to this life plane. The cord that is so easily severed. A heavy subject matter ,but one of which we are all to often reminded.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Meta Thoughts on Post-rock-music

I saw Franz Ferdinand play on SNL last night - actually only heard their second song. I liked what I saw and heard. Geeky looking guys , sort of following a Rolling Stones or Yardbirds look from early '65 . I can, of course, definitely see/hear a Television influence, in so far as they have a twin guitar attack and play pretty clean in terms of tone. Lots of rhythmic feel though that would definitely derive more from Gang of Four. Overall, a positive impression.

Just finished reading "Shakey: the Neil Young biography" for the second time. Just as good the second time around. Got me to thinking a lot about the meta-issues of rock and roll. I guess we really are living in the post-rock world now. Is what a band like Franz Ferdinand plays considered 'rock and roll" ? One of the quotes in Shakey was from Meltzer who stated there has not been any true rock music produced since before 1998 ( just paraphrasing him) . I mean , there are bands playing music in the "style of" of rock and roll, yes, but *it no longer is dangerous* - it is no long something your parents will scream at you to turn down ... that generation is dead or dying. Classic rock even classic punk rock is ubiquitous - on our televisions and radios, it's impossible to escape from it. It's been emasculated by Madison Avenue. Whats an artist to do ? You can't go roots - its been done to death, you can go "arty" or avant-garde for the same reason. How can an artist be truly original in this age ? What is true and sincere in rock music today ? Just some rhetorical pondering. Got me to search out for my Nuggets CD.
- Russ Van Rooy
Ganesha Resonance

Monday, September 26, 2005

Two new instrumentals

Hello. Here are two new ( actually recorded in June ) instrumentals.
Sprites. This one could be described as inspired by the styles of Jeff Beck, Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and David Gilmore. There is acoustic and electric guitar and my sort of trademark echo-y slide guitar. The second song is called The Western Lands Part II . It's completely acoustic guitar, though treated with some delay and phase-shifting. It has a spanish guitar feel to it and I was going for a Robert Fripp early King Crimson styled acoustic guitar. The name Western Lands refers to the place where ancient Egyptians believed souls went after death. Hope you like them !
- Russ
Ganesha Resonance

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Encased In A Dream

Hi . I have a new song for y'all . It's called "Encased in a Dream" and you can download it right here: Encased In A Dream . It's a meloncholic singer/songwriter, acoustic guitar driven, 3 and a half minute song of wistfulness. It has very pretty background electric guitar embellishments too, inspired by Danial Lanois. I hope you like it !
Here too, is a recent picture of me, standing with my favorite guitar on our back deck here in lovely Portland, Oregon. Of course, we live in the "po" side of town, NE Portland. Or as I like to call it, "The Holler" .

Watch this spot for more songs and pics !
- Russ
Ganesha Resonance

Friday, August 19, 2005

(relatively) New Music

Here is a piece composed and recorded in June called 'If Transcendence were Possible' . Tell me what you think of it...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ganesha Resonance First Post

This is the beginning. Ganesha Resonance will be a place for my thoughts and my music.
Specifically I will post my guitar oriented ambient music and also some poetry. Stay Tuned !
Let Ganesha Resonance remove all the obstacles !

Russell Van Rooy